Sep 3, 2011

Nike+ 2011 (Jan - Aug)

For the month of Jan to Aug, I managed to cover 789km.

Really hope i can break the 1000km mark this year. Abit hard due to new work commitment starting September.

New BBS CF rims

Original Ugly Passat B6 rims (16")

Previous Interlagos Rims (18") on my Passat B6

My new BBS CF Cast Alloy 19" Wheel (Anthracite)

Aug 7, 2011

Nike+ Level

Wow, so many days since i tracked my km covered. And now i have covered well over 800km. and on my way to the blue level.

Shall work harder to achieve the 170km soon for next level!

Tim Ho Wan

Me & wife went there on a tuesday to try out their dim sum, i was there slightly after opening time at 10.15am. We were told to wait outside, and we need to wait at least an hour, as the restaurant was full and there were still many people ahead of us. Since we were rushing for time that day, we decided to come back the next day.

Did abit of research, and decided to turn up on the wednesday at 9.15am. And to our surprise, we were the 5th or 6th group in the queue.

Despite that, we just joined the queue, and waited for 45 mins with a little sheet of paper that we could tick what we wanted to order. Luckily we did, as the dim sum here was definitely the best i ever eaten. Although my wife thinks otherwise.

We ordered:

Steamed Beef Balls

This dish is quite unique. I have never tried it in singapore, so no point of reference for this. Anyway it is sort of a beef paste, with chives, wrapped in beancurd skin. The dish is steamed and hence very healthy tasting. It has a bit of a raw smell to it due to the vegg that was used.

Siew Mai

Nothing special here, except that it definitely taste like it was just made, most dim sum you eat these days taste like it has been pre-made. Prawn, mushrooms and mince pork wrap in the softest skin. Eat it steaming hot to enjoy the ultimate fresh taste.


Also know as Prawn Dumpling, a common dish in dimsum. Prawns wrapped in crystal skin. Fresh! eat it when its hot.

Carrot Cake

This is called carrot cake, but i believed its made from raddish. Well, i guessed as i could taste the raddish as i bite through this soft tasting cake. It is supposed to be fried, but it doesn't taste that way. A little oily though.

Zhu chang Fen (Char Siew Rice Vermicelli) 

Very nice breakfast item, it does not differ much from the singapore taste that you can get from crystal jade or other dim sum place. but something about his one that makes it special. It could be just the long 45 min wait that made this so nice when u slowly eat this steaming hot dish.

Deep Fried Prawn-Beancurd Skin

I had an expectation when i ate this, since this is quite common in singapore. When i bite into the prawn, i was sort of expecting a bouncing juicy feeling. But it turn out to be quite dry and hard. It could be due to the amount of prawn they used, it is rather dry for me. Although the beancurd skin was fried to perfection, Mayonnaise would go well with this, but of course people here use soya sauce.

Spring Roll

Normal spring roll taste, can pass if you wanna save your stomach space for other stuff. This spring roll is only different from the usual i take, in the proportion of carrot that they use. I think the carrots actually brings a refreshing feel to the idea of spring roll.

Fried Char Siew Bun

The named deceived me when i ordered on the order sheet. I was pleasantly surprised when they served this dish. It looks more like a pastry. the POLO bun! When you bite in, the char siew will be oozing out, and the unique thing is the very thin skin, its just heavenly to eat this. I am willing to fly 1600 miles just to eat this again!

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

This dish was a monster, i got a shock when they served me the plate, it was HUGE! Opening the steaming hot bundle, the great smell of the lotus leaf emerged with the smell of braise meat enticing me to tear it apart. While digging into the rice, you will find lots of meat within, lapcheong, sliced lean pork, diced chicken. The sauce is delicious if you mixed with the rice for an even taste. Ignore the lean pork, as it is too tough for my liking, i think it is there to bring out the smell of the rice.

Auntie can be abit cranky, but definitely worth the trip. If you dun mind abit colder dimsum, you can opt to takeaway. As you will only need to wait for the food to be prepared and packed. Hence you wont need to wait 45mins - 1hr for it. I stayed nearby, so this is quite possible. The problem was that i discovered this gem store to late in my trip. Otherwise my breakfast would be more exciting.

Remember dun be late, they are open from 10am to 8pm, but queue starts at 9. so dun be like me!

Almost forgot, the amazing thing about this restaurant, is that even though it is a 1 Michelin star restaurant, the meal that made us both so full, cost less than 30SGD.